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History & Landscape

This section of my blog will provide information and stories about Yorkshire's extensive history and heritage. From Jurassic fossils, bronze age stone circles and roman remains, through to the Normans, Tudors, Georgians & Victorians as well as more modern day industrial archaeology - there are so many tales to tell.


We also have many historic houses and gardens, towns and cities. The Queen's father George VI  once said "The history of York is the history of England" - so we will also be featuring many blogs about this historic city.

As well as history I also wanted to cover Yorkshire's heritage from traditions, past industries and folklore. With Yorkshire fondly known as "God's own county" due to its heavenly landscape, we will also cover the stunning scenery and Yorkshire's many beautiful locations, exploring how the geology, geographical events and mans influence has helped shape the landscape.

There are lots of articles about Landscape & History below. I hope you find them interesting and please feel free to leave your feedback or share them on social media.

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