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Henderson’s Relish – “Like Worcester Sauce but a million times better”

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

And who are we to argue when Matt Helders, drummer in the Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys raves on about one of his favourite Yorkshire products!

Last year The Dalesman magazine included Henderson’s Relish in their Greatest Yorkshire Icons feature, but many people outside of Yorkshire have never heard of this Yorkshire favourite. But what exactly is Henderson’s Relish?

The bottle does resemble a Worcester Sauce, but Henderson’s unique blend of tamarinds, cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic and cloves has a much more distinctive taste and as well as Matt Helders has a legion of loyal fans.

The Yorkshire delicacy has been around since 1885 when Henry Henderson created his first batch in Sheffield. The production of the sauce has carried on uninterrupted within a short distance of where the first bottle was made for over 130 years.

Henderson’s Relish is still being blended to the original secret recipe of Henry Henderson. The recipe remains a secret only known to three family members.

Interestingly, the packaging has changed very little over the years – the brand still instantly recognisable on the supermarket shelf. The word’s “the Yorkshire Original” proudly set beneath the white rose and the copy “Hendo’s”, “the black stuff”, “Relish” is today a Sheffield institution, adding spice and savour to any dish, sitting on the label.

So what would you use Henderson’s Relish for?

The list is un-limited. I always add a few good slugs in a casserole to give it extra flavour as well as adding it to chilli con carne and shepherds pie (it works well with anything with minced beef or lamb). It also works well in a pie.

It is always a must in one of my favourite hangover cures – as well as tabasco, I would definitely add a few drops into a bloody mary to give it some extra bite.

Many friends of mine swear by the fact that it goes really well with fish and chips, but I have to admit I am yet to be convinced by this.

Perhaps my favourite use is on cheese on toast, forget your Welsh rarebit and use Yorkshire Wensleydale with Hendo’s and a bit of Black Sheep beer for a great Yorkshire Rarebit. There is a recipe on the Wensleydale Creamery website if you are interested:

As well as Michelin starred Chef Marco Pierre White who is a fan, there are many other famous Sheffield folk who are huge advocates of Henderson’s Relish, such as Richard Hawley, Paul Carack, David Blunkett and actor Sean Bean.

Visit Henderson’s Relish website for some other hearty recipe’s, some from celebs. There are also two Henderson’s Relish recipe books out there as well:


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